CREDO Lenten Reflection 2015: Formation of the Heart - Why prayer, fasting & almsgiving in Lent? 

 Take a look at the CREDO Lenten Reflection for 2015. It is an accessible and practical encouragement regarding our Lenten practices of prayer, fasting and almsgiving. It is based on Pope Francis' 2015 Lenten message and includes personal anecdotes of past Lenten efforts from laymen and women from across Sydney. Let us endeavour to let God transform our hearts this Lent!

Ash Wednesday
Ashes to take over social media
The ACBC Youth Ministry has encouraged the taking of "selfies" in order promote the attendance of Ash Wednesday services.
colloquium 2013'Life, death and Resurrection' key to kerygma
The incarnation, life, death and resurrection of Jesus is at the heart of
 the kerygma and the heart of conversion, and a clear proclamation of
 these truths, given by people who continue to experience the power of
 them in their lives, is the key to fruitful evangelisation, said Catherine
 Kennedy, director of the Sydney Cath­olic Renewal and Evangelisation
 Office (CREDO).

 Priest's aim is to deliver others 'a more lively faith'frgerard

 A conversation with Fr Gerard Kelly, who has spent the past 17 years in parish
 and school evangeliastion, and is a keynote speaker at the CREDO Colloquium
 in August.




   frgkellyAt the Heart of the New Evangelisation - Fr Gerard Kelly (interview)

 There has been a lot of talk about the ‘new evangelisation’, but when we cut
 to the heart of it, what is it meant to achieve? Why do people seem less
 receptive to the Word of God today? How do we go about proclaiming the
 message and bringing others to a personal encounter with Christ, the catalyst
 for true conversion? We spoke to UK priest and specialist in the new
 evangelisation Fr Gerard Kelly to find out.

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 bishop julian Sydney Bishop Porteous to be Archbishop of Hobart

 Auxiliary Bishop of Sydney, Bishop Julian Porteous has been appointed the
 new Archbishop of Hobart.
 His Holiness Pope Francis announced the appointment tonight 8pm Sydney
 time or 12 noon in Rome.



 bishoptalk High Energy Bishop for Hobart

 On Friday night Sydney time, Pope Francis announced the
 appointment of Bishop Julian Porteous as the new Archbishop
 of Hobart. Sydney will mourn the loss of this dynamic auxiliary
 bishop and the prayerfulness, energy and humility he brought to
 his work, but what can the people of Tasmania look forward to?
 fr michael de stoop SCENE success - a 'good news story of the Church'

 A Catholic Weekly article reporting on the success of SCENE.




 stephen kirk Faith, God and the Power of Music

 An article about Stephen Kirk as the resident musician of SCENE.




 paul newton Artists as 'Custodians of Beauty' Featured at SCENE

 Paul Newton (award-winning portrait painter) and a line up of other artists
 (including designers, photographers and professional musicians) will take part
 in SCENE to highlight the important relationship between art and faith.



 Fr David's SCENE Mission

Recently ordained Fr David Nugent, from the Missionaries of the Holy Eucharist, France, has been touching people deeply as he delivers a series of retreats and reflections  in Brisbane before flying to Sydney to speak and lead prayer at SCENE.


mustard seed picHour of Grace & Mercy Kit (interview)
What better way to bring others to Christ than through Eucharistic Adoration and the Sacrament Reconciliation? It’s not always easy to get the ball rolling and make it accessible for those who are new to the experience, but Sydney’s CREDO Office for Renewal and Evangelisation has come up with a format that works and an all-in-one kit to get you started. We spoke to CREDO Director Cathy Kennedy and Sydney’s Bishop Peter Comensoli to find out more.