Light a Candle for Christmas

Light a Candle for Christmas is an initiative offers a special welcome to Sydney-siders to come into the Cathedral to light a candle and say a prayer during the week before Christmas. This occurs in conjunction with the light display on the facade of the Cathedral.

It has been a longstanding tradition in Catholic churches to provide places where people can light a candle for a loved one or some special need.  By offering this to all Christmas visitors we hope this will help them connect with the rich meaning of Christmas, especially those who are far away from home or feel somehow disconnected or isolated at this time of year.

A special postcard is available to send to those for whom a candle is lit.  Hymns and reflective silence accompany Eucharistic Adoration offering a beautiful environment for people to pray and encounter Christ during their visit.  The Sacrament of Confession is available throughout each evening.

 Christmas Candle postcard